Fishing Tackle Gear and Waders

Larry’s out on the Ozarks again throwing the worms in the water and looking for some dinner. Is there any better place than on a lake or river fishing? Catching Bass, Trout, Crappie, or Pike is all Larry can think about when he’s not at work. We all should be so lucky to have the boat hooked up to the truck just waiting for 5 pm.

If it is Friday night expect to see Larry running after those catfish. Saturday is all about the Bass and Sunday you can believe the Trout he’ll be pulling into the boat. The great thing about a lake is that you can fish for multiple species in a weekend.

Grab your tackle, tonight is nightcrawlers and fish heads. A good 25-30 lb line and strong pole get’s me those catfish every time.

When Larry’s ready to do a little Sunday trout fishing those waders come out and the fly rod is ready to go. Not many trout in these waters but when you hook into one you know your going to get a fight.