Fishing Gear Review by Shaggy Outdoors That Are Needed on the Lake

Larry is spending more time on the lake than usual these days. He’s found a great website that provides quality product reviews and fishing has never been so engaging.

Shaggy Outdoors Fish Gear Reviews has added recent information regarding fishing rods and more. Since Larry is on the lake more than on the shore it is important that he gets all the help possible with rods, reels, line, bait, and tackle.

On the lake, Larry is looking to hook into some large and small mouth Bass. These fish have excellent hunting skills and many don’t know that they are carnivores and can not wait to hammer a shad or Rapala.

Fishing Gear Needed for The Lake

  • Boat – can’t get to those fish from the shore
  • Motor – Larry uses the trolling motor once he’s close to the fish. But, to get across the lake look out for that 20 hp motor
  • Life Jackets – the law ensure Larry is safe on the lake and want to make sure he has at lease one life jacket for each occupant in the boat
  • Fishing Rods – so how many rod set-ups is too many? Well some of the best anglers on the lake have 6-8 rods and set-ups for all occasions.
  • Cooler – You better have the hard shell cooler ready to go. Larry is a fan of the Kong Coolers as they are manufactured in the US. But, another good choice might be Canyon Cooler they are based out of Flagstaff, AZ. The company is based in Flagstaff the product is mostly made outside the United States.
  • Cooler #2 – Get that old cooler out and start adding fish – you have to have a place to put the fish you’re taking home
  • Oars – just in case that motor doesn’t start and you want to get back to the launch area
  • Sun Block – protect your skin and keep yourself safe from the sun
  • Oversize hat – keep that sun off you face and head
  • Food & Water – Cooler #1 better have a few bottles of water and some lunch or snacks – Larry doesn’t like being hungry on the lake
  • Good selection of lures – you never know what the fish will like in a given day
  • Fish Finder – if you’re out looking for those Bass a fish finder will help determine what obstacles are under the water that those fish are hiding in
  • Camera – you can’t get in the boat without a camera – no more saying that big one got away – now you have the camera to prove you not telling a “fish story”

What Are Arizona’s State Bass Records?

According to the Arizona Game and Fish (AZGFD) website the state records for Bass are;

  • Hybrid Striped Bass – 2 lbs 13.76 oz 18.5 inches taken at Lake Pleasant
  • Largemouth Bass – 16 lbs 7.68 oz 28.0 inches taken at Canyon Lake
  • Rock Bass – 0 lbs 12.96 oz 10.25 inches taken at the Upper Verde River
  • Smallmouth Bass – 7 lbs 0.96 oz 22.75 inches taken at Roosevelt Lake
  • Striped Bass – 29 lbs 13.76 oz 45.25 inches taken at Lake Pleasant
  • White Bass – 4 lbs 11.7 oz 19.5 inches taken at Upper Lake Pleasant
  • Yellow Bass – 2 lbs 2.56 oz 14.25 inches taken at Canyon Lake

These bass are some of the best for a desert state with limited lakes and opportunities. The anglers that took these records are in the record books till larger fish are caught and recorded. If you are a Bass fisherman and you think you have taken over the state record make sure you record your fish.



Fishing Tackle Gear and Waders

Larry’s out on the Ozarks again throwing the worms in the water and looking for some dinner. Is there any better place than on a lake or river fishing? Catching Bass, Trout, Crappie, or Pike is all Larry can think about when he’s not at work. We all should be so lucky to have the boat hooked up to the truck just waiting for 5 pm.

If it is Friday night expect to see Larry running after those catfish. Saturday is all about the Bass and Sunday you can believe the Trout he’ll be pulling into the boat. The great thing about a lake is that you can fish for multiple species in a weekend.

Grab your tackle, tonight is nightcrawlers and fish heads. A good 25-30 lb line and strong pole get’s me those catfish every time.

When Larry’s ready to do a little Sunday trout fishing those waders come out and the fly rod is ready to go. Not many trout in these waters but when you hook into one you know your going to get a fight.